TB has crossed the line

Tulang Besi (TB) a.k.a Abdul Rahman Talib the owner of http://www.malaysiawaves.com has crossed the line, at least as far as I am concerned. His latest writing (as to-date of this one) entitled “Rahsia yang Khalid dedah adalah…” has left me with no choice but to label him with negative attributes.
His action of whacking Ustaz Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man personally, in the open, regarding the PAS Disciplinary comittee decision on Khalid Samad issue has totally wiped out any sense of respect I had on him (TB of course). 
Tulang Besi  is a member of jemaah PAS, attended “usrah”, even became a “naqib” here and there, holding a few important top positions in MISNA, a PAS student wing in the United States of America. Reading his recent writings, I would strip-out the ahli jemaah label from him, and paste “pure politician” on his forehead, and I mean it in a negative way.
PAS jemaah members believe that politics is part of Islamic teachings. They use politics as a tool to propagate  ideal Islamic goals and not vice-versa. Although PAS is a political party, politics is not its goal. It is just the means. The goal is to form a society that uphold Islamic values, upholding the Quran and Hadith as ultimate reference.
Sadly, some people in PAS are acting the other way around. They are taking politics above all others, including the Islamic teachings itself. I would include TB in the list. Yes, he has always quoted a story of a woman during Sayidina Umar’s caliphate time who opposed his ruling on dowry issue and the caliph praised hern for standing-up for what was right.
But if you read how TB wrote in malaysiawaves.com, it doesn’t sound like that brave woman, but more like Abdullah bin Ubay bin Salul or Abdullah bin Saba’.
TB will whack anybody, be it somebody with the title Ustaz or Tuan Guru for the sake of some political mileage. And he dared to call his writings as upholding the truth. I would call-on fellow readers to boycott his writings, as they are boycotting the Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian. Save yourself the pain of trying to sort out between facts and fictions, because none that contains therein (malaysiawaves) are factual. If there are any, it will almost surely be presented in a fictional conclusions.
True, that bloggers plays their parts during the 2008 elections, giving huge swing votes to the opposition. But that doesn’t mean that whatever they write are the truth. Some bloggers are spinning stories in a more damaging ways compared to TV3. And worst still, these damaging people thought the Pakatan Rakyat owes them full respects. Oh please….

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  1. USA said

    Saya pernah belajar di USA. Saya kenal TB ni. Dia memang ada ikut usrah MISNA, tetapi dia tidak pernah jadi naqib MISNA. Dalam usrah, dia banyak tanya. Masa tu saya sudah dengar sikit ttg latarbelakang dia, tentang datuk dia dan bapa saudaranya yang berfahaman sosialis. Dalam blog ni, tuan dah confirmed bahawa betullah keluarganya berfahaman sosialis. Masa usrah dulu, dia cuma diminta baca buku-buku tertentu dan bentang apa yang dia baca dalam usrah. Itu bukan naqib namanya. Masa tu kami melatih orang baru ni supaya fikrahnya dibuat alignment selari dengan fikrah Islam dan perjuangan Islam yang dipelopori oleh PAS di Malaysia. Saya pun tahu di mana silap dia boleh “ludah’ muka Tuan Guru Presiden dan pimpinan PAS yang lain sekarang, sedangkan masa dulu dialah yang paling kedepan cium tangan pimpinan PAS. Tapi bila dah baca artikel ttg dia, dan bila saya teliti hal dia di USA dulu, rasanya dia ikut usrah MISNA sebab nak dekati seorang pelajar Muslimat di satu kampus lain, yang kemudiannya menjadi isterinya, seperti mana yang disebutkan dalam salah satu komen yang baca. Malang pelajar wanita itu telah diceraikannya. Boleh jadi sebab tu dia tak menjadi produk tarbiyyah yang baik sebab niat tu menyimpang dari awal. Entahlah apa nak jadi dengan TB ni

    Saya percaya dia ni ada masalah peribadi atau masalah mental atau masalah emosi atau alfulus fi dunia, wal mampus fi akirat

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